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file transfer utility for devices that use the OBEX protocol
Application to access the FlexMem (flexible memory) on Siemens GSM Mobiles
via the OBEX Protocol over IrDA, serial link or bluetooth.
The Object Exchange protocol can best be described as binary HTTP.
OBEX is optimised for ad-hoc wireless links and can be used to exchange
all kind of objects like files, pictures, calendar entries (vCal)
and business cards (vCard).
OBEX is builtin in devices like PDA's like the Palm Pilot, and mobile
phones like the Ericsson R320, Siemens S25, Siemens S45, Siemens ME45,
Nokia NM207 and Nokia 9110 Communicator.
This application should work with other equipment like other mobiles,
palm pdas etc., too, that use this generic protocol.
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